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View all: No Nonsense Multi Purpose Fillers.

Filler is used for small repairs on a variety of different surfaces, which once dried, can be sanded down to a smooth finish. 33.

Product code: 157559.

Just make sure everything gets a good mist coat.

Sands down to a smooth finish. 5kg. .


We stock brands that. Add To Cart. We stock brands that are experts in creating effective filler such as Red Devil filler, Ronseal filler and Everbuild filler.

Locked Price. Perfect for smoothing out walls and ceilings.

Minwax 21600000 – High Performance Wood Filler.


We stock brands that. page 2/2 SX Instant Plaster Filler SAFETY DATA SHEET Grade: 740F 9.

. com.

A non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready-mixed filler and spackling compound.
Need to make quick repairs to plaster, brick or wood? Reach for this 1kg tub of Everbuild All Purpose Ready Mixed.
Fills holes up to 50mm deep in one application.

For use on plaster, wood and brick.


Fills holes up to 50mm deep. Knauf Joint. 25kg Less Mess Topping Compound (43) $21.

The plaster can be used directly out of the tub or tube. Need to patch a crack in a bathroom ceiling? Everbuild's Deep Gap Ready Mixed Filler is designed for a multitude of surfaces. Can also be used to scrape old paint and varnish. Compare. For Filling Joints & Screw Holes. Fills Deeper than Standard Fillers.


35/Kg). .



Just make sure everything gets a good mist coat.

You still have two more coats to go on there.