It's a great tax-advantaged plan that can also help you build a healthier financial future.

But, it is rare for individuals to find all the benefits such as compensation for nutrition, utility bills, cash credit from the ATM, dental, vision, and hearing. After you swipe the card, our system automatically checks.



It will give you an overview of all the coverage and benefits you’ll get from your Aetna plan. Request for Documentation. Welcome to Aetna Medicare Debit Card Information! Experience the convenience and security of Aetna Benefits Mastercard Prepaid Card - the perfect way to manage your health care spending.

So, to break it down for you PayFlex includes health savings plans and flexible spending plans.

The Visa Flex Card Gives you: Choice: Visit in-network and out-of-network providers. Check your card’s expiration date — Your card is valid for five years, as long as you’re an active member. You must reactivate your account to access 2023 benefits.

Enjoy discounts on wellness, convenient MinuteClinic® visits, digital tools to manage your care and more. Money you put into an HSA can lower your taxable income.


When choosing a Medicare Advantage plan,.

. As an Aetna member, your plan offers extras and additional benefits to help you save money and feel your best.

Make the most of your HSA. That’s why Aetna D-SNP provides this pre-paid debit card to many members.

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Flexible Spending Account Health Care Reimbursement Mail or fax completed form and documentation to: Aetna Inc.

Important news: If you have an FSA debit card.

If your card.

You can use your benefit allowance towards a variety of brand-name and generic healthy food products. Make the most of your HSA. You must reactivate your account to access 2023 benefits.

Need help with your PayFlex account? Call 1-888-678-7646 (TTY: 711). Flex cards hold money that can be used like a debit card to pay for certain medical expenses. PayFlex provides Aetna clients and members with more flexibility, as well as customized, easy-to-use tools and solutions to help manage health care expenses. Your Prepaid Benefits Cards is loaded with the value of your annual FSA election amount (less any amounts you have already spent in this plan year). .

Extra Member Benefits.

Aetna of your new address. Jun 20, 2022 · The spending limit on the card and what you can use it for varies with every plan.

How to activate the card.

Has Never Been Easier! As a valued Aetna member, you have a grocery benefit through NationsBenefits® that can help you get the nutrition you need for a well-balanced diet.

Using your card helps you keep cash in your wallet and makes accessing your FSA funds easy.

What’s a Healthy Food Card? Good nutrition is a big part of good health.

Replace lost or stolen cards — Please call us right away at 1-888-879-9280 (TTY: 711) to report a lost or stolen card.