Square: Best for in-person sales or donation collections.

Typical Fees: 2.

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You process transactions by swiping the credit card through a Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal reader, inserting the card in the chip reader, or through contactless payments via Apple Pay, G Pay, Samsung Pay, and most tap-to-pay cards.

Built by payment processing experts who understand your nonprofit's unique needs, Blackbaud's merchant services software solutions allow you to: Improve efficiency by taking advantage of pre-reconciled bank deposits, detailed reporting, 24/7 access to your transaction information, and automatic updates of payment data for recurring gifts. Stax – An all-in-one payment platform with powerful software included in the monthly fee. .


Sep 22, 2022 · Stripe payment processing for nonprofits supports credit card and ACH payments in over 135 different currencies across 47 countries. . .

. 30 to increase margins.


We’re committed to helping nonprofits keep their costs low.

Full Service, No Compromise. Many payment processors offer lower processing rates for nonprofits.

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24/7 In-House.
30 per transaction.
You'll automatically know if the payment is authorized, and with 1-2-day deposits, there's no more.

All you need to do is take the credit card information from the donor and type it into the terminal.

For a complete fee summary please visit our Blackbaud Payment Processing Fees page.

That being said, the international rates are far more forgiving than other payment processors at 3. . In addition, pre.

. Each transaction costs 2. 15% + $0. Nonprofits must pay this fee unless your payment processor offers donors the opportunity to pay these fees themselves. . PayPal: Best variety of payment types.


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The more methods of payment you can receive, the more potential support you can gain for your nonprofit.

Given the number of online payments they make on a regular basis, your supporters are.


We collaborate with nonprofit merchants to solve.

CharityEngine: Best all-in-one online fundraising and.