Or Drag and Drop |.

Its main tool is the one to swap faces, letting you, for instance, place your cat’s face in the place of your own and vice-versa. Turn that frown upside down.

A popular social media sensation, Faceapp lets you modify your selfies by aging or de-aging yourself.

Faceapp is a popular tool for everyone that uses social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, where photos dominate the platform.

Turn your selfies into modeling portraits using one of the most popular apps with over 500 million downloads to date. Or Drag and Drop |. Some of the filters include animals.


AI. . ai is an innovative online AI face swap app that allows users to generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs.

Turn your selfies. .

Jan 3, 2023 · Availability.


Aug 12, 2022 · B612: B612 is a photo editor that has the ability to swap faces. This is an app that empowers you to alter your gender and appearance on the shots.

1. Face Swap Booth – Face.

Snapchat has a default feature to face swap, but you may like to explore other iOS apps that help you interchange faces.
A face for every occasion.

1: Deepswap.

Non-intuitive UI.

Upload a photo to the photo editor that clearly shows your face. Snapchat is available on both Android and iOS for free. 2.

It uses neural networks to generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photos. . . Cupace – Cut and Paste Face Photo. Download: Android, iOS. B612 is another free face-swapping app available both on Android and iOS.


. Swap face from photos and vidoes automatically.

On top of that, you can record yourself in a video and add voice filters.

Free download for Android and iOS devices.

Swap face from photos and vidoes automatically.


With its user-friendly interface, the app.